Miami: UR1 Music Festival

Miami: UR1 Music Festival

Miami: UR1 Music Festival

It hasn’t even been two whole weeks since Jay-Z’s “Made in America” Festival erupted all over Philadelphia like a fucking geyser at Yellowstone, and there’s already a new kid on the block vying for our attention (Um, forward?); however, with an early lineup consisting of musical greats spanning from Kanye West to The Offspring, Santigold, Keane, and more, Miami’s UR1 Festival, set to debut this winter, may have just what it takes to give good ol’ HOV a run for his money.

The brainchild of Emi Guerra and Alex Omes from GO BIG Productions, UR1 will premiere this year from December 8-9 at Bayfront Park just in time for the Magic City’s world famous Art Basel. Designed with the intention of uniting people through art and sound, UR1 will actively showcase a spectrum of music, art, and live performances from some of the world’s most prominent contemporary artists currently stirring shit up on an international level.

Normally, we’d call bullshit on UR1 for essentially piggybacking off of Jay-Z’s idea to bring together different artists from various music genres for a little kumbaya…except UR1 seems like it may be way cooler than “Made in America”, so…we can’t. Sorry HOV—we tried to stay loyal, but then they described the whole festival as being a 4D “experience”, and that just sounded way too trippy to pass up.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, September 13. With the incredible buzz surrounding this event, chances are these babies will fly off the shelves faster than it takes Lindsay Lohan to end up back in rehab, so get ‘em while the gettin’s good.

Purchase tickets here.

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