Promoter Table Etiquette

Promoter Table Etiquette

Promoter Table Etiquette

The ladies love their promoter friends! I mean… why wouldn’t they? Promoters don’t let their girls wait in long lines, they don’t let their girls pay entry admission, and they definitely don’t make their girls pay for drinks. Now for the guys… there are only a few lucky males who are close enough to a club promoter that can share some of the same nightclub benefits as a female. The rest of you kind of have to suffer in the big crowds just wishing and hoping you are a “chosen one.”

Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for a club promoter, a lot of you would not have a fun night out. With that being said… City Never Sleeps has listed some Do’s and Don’ts we think you should follow in regards to Promoter Table Etiquette.

1. Do Show Up On Time – You make a club promoter’s job so much easier when you actually show up on time. If they say be there by 12:30am… don’t show up at 2:30am expecting to slide right in. Promoters do not want to go in and out of the club all night to get people in. After a certain time, the doorman gets tired of dealing with promoters and will just end up making everyone wait.

2. Don’t Touch The Bottles – It’s not your bottle so don’t serve yourself unless told so. The one or two complimentary bottles of some unknown vodka has to be enough to distribute amongst 15 or more girls. Very rarely the promoter will allow his homeboys to drink from his bottle; he got you in for free… the least you can do is buy your own drink.

3. Do Make Room – If you are dealing with a good promoter, then his VIP table will most likely be packed so be kind and make room for others to fit in. “Bad Bitches” get first dibs on sitting or standing on couches, mediocre chicks kind of have to settle to stand around. But hey!… At least you have a drink in your hand! Guys… don’t even think about sitting down or crowding the VIP area, especially if you aren’t dropping any tip money.

4. Don’t Be Ratchet – Ladies… We all know wearing high heels all night may be difficult and painful at times… but please, we repeat, please DO NOT take your heels off and walk barefoot in the nightclub. The club promoter will disown you real quick, so don’t expect to be invited out again. Also, for guys and girls, please know your limit. No one wants to babysit a drunk person; we all just want to have a good time.

Written by Lynnette Marte