Five Things You Should Never Do In A Nightclub

Five Things You Should Never Do In A Nightclub

Five Things You Should Never Do In A Nightclub

5. Do Not Bring Your Unattractive Friends!

Unfortunately, the elite nightclubs do discriminate against those who don’t look like “super models.” It is sad, but it is the truth. There is a reason why promoters ask for pictures of your friends. They want to know what you are bringing to the ropes since there is a chance someone will get left behind. Please note, doormen are trained to be assholes so they will bring down someone’s self esteem and embarrass them with rejection in front of the whole crowd. Take your not-so-pretty friend’s feelings into consideration and leave them home or go to a local bar and have fun there.

4. Do Not Argue With The Doorman!

If you want to get into the club, listen to the doorman. I mean he is most likely 2 times or maybe even 3 times your size, so lets be smart. Arguing with the bouncers will just result to you getting “bounced” out the club. If after the first request the doorman still doesn’t take care of you, wait for several minutes and remind him of your request in a calm and respectful manner. Slipping him some cash might help you get in a little faster, just saying!

3. Don’t Hold Hands!

We are not talking about lovers holding hands, we are referring to a big group of girls who do not want to get lost in the crowd so they link hands. I mean if it’s one or two of you, that’s fine but if it’s 15 of you… imagine all the traffic you are causing because of your chained hands. Waitresses and servers are trying to get to their table but can’t because a long train of girls is walking around the club.

2. Do Not Get Trashy Drunk!

There is no knowing what a drunk person will do. The ladies might end up on the stripper pole showing off their goodies to the world as they try to imitate the club dancer’s moves. The fellas will most likely get into a fight and get the whole group kicked out. Everyone is just trying to have a good time so lets avoid getting “white boy wasted”.

1. Do Not Take Off Your Clothes or Shoes!

We have mentioned this before on Promoter Table Etiquette, but it’s that important that we had to repeat it as the #1 thing you should never do in a nightclub. Ladies, please do not take your heels off! No matter how much pain you are in, it is nasty and unattractive to walk barefoot on a public floor. As for the fellas, as Nelly would say “it’s getting hot in here,” but please do the opposite of what the song says and don’t “take off all your clothes.”

Written by Lynnette Marte