BOA Steakhouse Is No Joke

It is West Hollywood that we are talking about, so parking can get tricky. But luckily, they have their own valet for a reasonable price of $13… If you think you would want to pay more, you can park in the building’s private parking for a flat rate of $30….

I have seen some serious wine lists but this place had some outrageous prices, but again they have the clients that would buy these wines so I guess it is not too weird to see a $12,560 bottle of wine on the list.

The caesar salad is a must to get. Why do you need to try it? Well because I was a person who hated this salad until last night. But after eating it, I realized it wasn’t the salad’s fault, instead it was my fault for eating the salad at places that didn’t know how to make this salad correctly….They make the salad by your table. It is very entertaining I may add…

They don’t joke around with their steaks…We got the bone-in Rib-Eye as well as center cut Filet. They were cooked Perfectly and they were Flavorful… The flavors were truly heavenly…. The rib-eye was aged for 40 days.. How do they do that I wonder??? Well, I suppose I need to refer to Dr. Google for that later… As for the side, we got the Butternut Squash. To make any type of squash tasty needs serious skills in my opinion and this was Tasty!!!!

We ordered the bread pudding. It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The bread pudding was cold, yes and it wasn’t because of the ice cream. Perhaps it was because it was almost 1:00 in the morning and the chefs wanted to go home. Would I deduct any stars for this? Absolutely Not…. Our waiter was attentive and it was just perfect.

There is nothing bad that I can say about this place. Plain and simple…

BOA Steakhouse
9200 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Written by Yasaman J.

BOA Steakhouse Is No Joke

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