Club Space has been sold again

The Club Space you used to know is about to be a thing of the past according to Miami New Times. One of Miami’s most famous club’s for the last 16 years is now under new ownership. Don’t worry for favorite late Saturday night party isn’t going anywhere, but the new owners have a bunch of dope new ideas. Club Space has been purchased by III Points Festival’s David Sinopoli, LINK’s Davide Dense and Miami Rebel’s Coloma Kakoomsky.

“I think the great thing about this club is that it gives us a lot of room for creativity,” Kaboomsky says. “Space — in the past — has been related to outer space, mostly, and this is something David brought up, but Space is also room. It’s also creativity. It’s also dimensions, endless possibilities. I think we’re going to redefine what Space really means with how excited and motivated we are.”

Club Space was purchased from Roman Jones and Justin Levine who are some real Miami nightlife veterans. This new trip of owners have really been doing great work in the city. We are talking about Bardo, III Points Music Festival, Treehouse, STORY and Trade are all things these new owners have had their hands in recently.

“We have a hunger, an energy, and a stamina that I don’t think any other ownership group that’s coming into this place would ever have,” Sinopoli says. “We are on the cutting edge and the trenches of a lot of what needs to be done here, so the heavy lifting, the long hours, the investment of our energy is a lot of it right now. We have a lot of ideas for what Miami needs as far as voids. We want Space not to just be the after-hours spot. We want Space to come in and plug some holes that have been lost in the development of Miami.”

Are you excited about this new? We’ve spoken to a few people who are literally jumping with joy. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Club Space has been sold again

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