The food at Moshi Moshi doesn't disappoint

Started off with the Conch Ceviche as our appetizer when we go to Moshi Moshi. Very fresh conch that was well balanced with cucumbers and red onions. Curious to see if their other ceviches are just as delicious as their conch. Ordered the Pork Ramen and enjoyed every bite of that freaking soup! Wow the amount of flavors packed inside that bowl were to die for! They added pieces of pork belly and boiled eggs that complimented the noodles.

We then ordered the Moshi Moshi sushi roll and weren’t disappointed. Larger than your average size roll. They were definitely generous with the pieces of tuna, yellowtail and salmon. And for dessert, we couldn’t decide on one so we ordered the Banana Tempura Ice Cream and the Moshi Moshi Donuts. They both were typical Japanese Deserts so you get what you order. Overall, you can’t beat spending quality time, with great food and inviting environment.

Moshi Moshi
1448 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Written by Daniel P.

The food at Moshi Moshi doesn’t disappoint

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