I Think Marquee New York Needs More Space

It’s funny, cause I was warned by multiple people that this place would be really crowded and uncomfortable, but nothing that was told to me would actually prepare me for the insanity that was Marquee New York.

I came to watch Deorro play a show, showing up at 1030ish it wasn’t terribly crowded. I thought to myself that If this was the worst I could deal with it. I was sorely mistaken. By 11 my group was packed like sardines on the dance floor. No space for dancing, no space for drinking, just blindly standing watching the lights, but because it is a club, drunk people will still try to dance in conditions like this. Sardines cant dance so eventually a weird mosh pit kinda forms. Mosh pit + Nice club + dress shoes do not mesh very well.

Now keep in mind that since Marquee is trying to sell itself as a high class club, men have to be well dressed. No T-Shirts allowed. Along with the strict dress policy, drinks at Marquee are way too expensive. 20$ for an shot of Jameson, I can only imagine how much worse my wallet would have looked if I didn’t pregame.

All in all, the venue is definitely nice, it just becomes unbearable after a certain time. Maybe they could do with removing some of the VIP tables and opening up the space a bit more. Drinks should also be a bit cheaper. Unless someone I really want to see is playing here, I doubt I would ever really want to return.

Marquee New York
289 10th Ave
New York, NY 10001

Written by Eric Y.

I Think Marquee New York Needs More Space

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