Jordan Daceo wants his competition to become more creative

After a successful weekend of Art Basel events, Jordan Daceo was able to give us his thoughts on the current state of Miami Nightlife. Jordan is Co-Founder of Varsity Lifestyle Group, a premier event marketing company based in Miami Beach. Varsity is known for their extremely popular weekly hip hop events; Fridays at IVY Nightclub and Saturdays at Dream Nightclub.

How would you describe the current state of Miami Nightlife?

Miami Nightlife is changing. It’s in a transition. Miami will always be known for it’s hot, young, crowd and yet its ability to invoke a traditional old-school glamour that other cities have not been able to preserve as well. However, in recent years there has been an increased cultural exchange in the area, allowing for new crowds, new genres, and a mixing of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ like never before.

Is there one venue you wish was still around?

I wish SET was still around. We’ve had our fair share of legendary runs at that venue. We’re hoping we can recreate that energy sometime soon.

Do you feel that lack of competition has slowed down innovation?

There is never a lack of competition in Miami. The city is thriving more than ever. The market and the crowds are always changing, however it is a city of habit as well. The key to surviving here in nightlife is adapting to the new trends and the new crowds, but still preserving what people love about Miami. There’s a certain nostalgia people get when they come back to Miami. You can’t mess with that too much.

What is one thing you think would improve Miami Nightlife?

That our competitors would get more creative… lol. We pride ourselves in always coming up with new approaches and new concepts to amplify the cultural exchange in Miami Nightlife. However, the internet has facilitated a lot of ill advised copy cats. Nowadays flyers can be made in minutes, disseminated in seconds, and sometimes it feels like its a rat race to protect our ideas. Corporate backed culture vultures and social media copy cats will copy an entire event and dilute your brand before an event even happens. We would like to see more originality from our competitors, less social media fluff and more actually creative events. It would make this a lot more fun for us.

Has Wynwood changed anything about your approach?

It’s not that Wynwood has changed our approach, but the success of the area has proved to us Miami is adopting new trends and new subcultures like never before. It hasn’t affected our approach on South Beach, but we are working on more ways to infiltrate that market. The area allows for riskier avant-garde ideas to flourish. We just recently put together a successful event with Fabolous in Wynwood for Art Basel. We added our own touch to the area, and are looking forward to experimenting there more.

What makes your events so consistently successful?

Not to sound cliche, but it really is teamwork. We have been able to assemble a great group of influencers and nightlife mavens throughout the years. We come from different walks of life and all have a different skill set. Each member brings their own unique background and expertise, whether it is fashion, music, writing, entrepreneurship, or advertising… We strive to assemble a diverse group of talented people who all add their own distinct value to the team. Our ability to nurture different talents enough to work together efficiently on nearly every step of the process allows us to adapt to trends and stay in a state of constant innovation.

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Jordan Daceo wants his competition to be more creative

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