Miami Beach, FL – August 27, 2018 – Lil Pump recently hit up one of Miami’s top nightclubs, Rockwell. Captured by World Red Eye.

“Rockwell Miami is Best Monday night club in Miami. Very good on Friday and Saturday too, but not as busy. Lots of the local girls come here to avoid the tourist clubs like LIV and Story. The girl ratio is definitely higher than the men!! There’s not much of a line or crowd outside of the club even on busy nights. And compared to other clubs in Miami, it’s pretty easy for girls to get in here. It gets poppin around 2am.

They play mainly hip-hop music. The entire club is basically made up of tables with a tiny space in the front for people to dance. It’s kinda hard to meet people because everyone is so cliquey in their own section and it’s a small club. There is only one bar in the back of the club.

The only negative thing about this club is the ladies room!! There are 3 stalls and the line is always ridiculous so plan to wait a good 10-20 mins to use the restroom.” – Angie S.

Lil Pump at Rockwell Mondays (Photos)

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