In a vibrant vignette, New Orleans rap paragon Lil Wayne champions his hometown’s rich musical legacy. Produced by The FADER and Beats By Dre, the Hot Boys prodigy turned Greatest Rapper Alive expresses his undying love for the city that birthed him. Though he’s become a bonafide rap phenom, the proud Crescent City native always finds his way back: admittedly, he can’t go more than two months without having to return home and soak up the infectious, familiar energy that has fueled much of his career.

Although he reigns as one of NOLA’s greats, Wayne confesses that he’s had to aim high to be recognized as a renowned contributor to its deep heritage. As creatives continue to expand the sound of New Orleans, Wayne says that its pioneering musicians remain templates for inspiration.

“What influenced us was the early New Orleans artists,” Wayne said. “We’re all just following that fabric, that tradition, and the culture now and it’s easy to follow when it’s natural.”

Lil Wayne’s Love Letter to New Orleans (Video)

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