Singer Leon Bridges has blown up in the past couple months so when he tips John Givez as the next to blow people start to take notice. The San Diego rapper has a fantastic flow, intense lyricism and the ability to make powerful songs that only the best possess.


A SoCal native born & raised in Oceanside, Ca (North San Diego County) with roots coming out of Columbia, South Carolina finds himself obligated to bring genuine, soulful hip-hop and r&b. Staying true to the very roots of both the sub-genres merging them together to create a refreshing sound for the listeners’ ears to relate to.

John Givez knows all about the violence going on in his streets and streets all around the country. He has seen many of his peers fall victim to the gang banging lifestyle, prostitution, drug use, cutting, alcoholism etc. He is deeply pained by how the ways of this  world often leave those subject to its disorientation feeling hopeless & empty looking for more of what never lasts. This is what drives John Givez to use music as a platform to first relate to the audience, and then encourage and inspire.

He’s also the newest artist to Kings Dream. His new mixtape, The Little Engine That Could, is the first release from Kings Dream, and is currently available as a free download. The successful Positive Hip-Hop crew, theBREAX, has launced a new entertainment and lifestyle brand, Kings Dream Entertainment. The focus of Kings Dream will be to inspire and equip people for success in every area of their lives through Positive Hip-Hop, clothing/apparel and live event experiences.

“A king is much more than the weight of a crown, and I’m just so honored to be on a team of common men with a king’s dream; better yet, The King, our Lord & savior Jesus Christ’s dream,” said Givez of his addition to Kings Dream.

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