Nathaniel Florence Thinks Miami Nightlife Is Getting Back To What's Important

Nathaniel Florence is CEO and Founder of Who’s Who’s Presents, a popular Miami promotional group. Who’s Who Presents is responsible for weekly events at Mokai Lounge and FDR at the Delano. Read below for Nate’s responses to some questions about Miami nightlife.

How would you describe the current state of Miami Nightlife?

It appears to be getting back to what I think is important, relationships. Clubs have gotten so large and militant over the years that people feel like it’s more of an attraction or show rather than an intimate nightclub experience.

Is there one venue you wish was still around?

Bamboo. I love that venue. Hands down one of the best venues visually I’ve ever had the pleasure of working.

Do you feel that lack of competition has slowed down innovation?

Yes I do. A lot of venues are complacent and don’t have great marketing directors to push the envelope.

What is one thing you think would improve Miami Nightlife?

Bring exclusivity back to the Miami nightlife. The bigger clubs I believe hurt the market. 10-20 exclusive parties going on in a night in Miami will spread the wealth out instead of 1-3 major clubs housing most of the city and money. Big clubs are great for monthly events and or concerts but weekly events history has shown no longevity.

Has Wynwood changed anything about your approach?

Wynwood is the closest thing we have to LA culture so I think a lot of people gravitate towards that area for that reason. I’m a fan of Wynwood and it’s creativity and actually have a personal project I’m working on there. Definitely will be doing events in that area.

What makes your events so consistently successful?

I believe it takes an army to create a great event. Maintaining healthy relationships and bringing the right people together can create something special.


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Nathaniel Florence Thinks Miami Nightlife Is Getting Back To What’s Important

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