While New York is full of great coffee, the sea of cafes can be hard to navigate. Here to help is this guide to Probably The Best Coffee Shops in New York. Whether you find yourself in Midtown or Astoria or any other neighborhood, here’s where to find the brightest espresso, the best-made cappuccino, or just a really good drip coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Probably The Best Coffee Shops in New York

For coffee aficionados, Blue Bottle Coffee’s cafes in California and New York provide an oasis amidst generic chains and low quality roasts.

The company, headquartered in Oakland, California, has made a name for itself with one vow: To only sell fresh coffee — less than 48 hours out of the roaster — made by a unique, slow-brew process using the “finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans.”


Brooklyn Roasting Company

Probably The Best Coffee Shops in New York

Brooklyn Roasting Company buys superbly flavorful certified coffees because they think that’s the best way to ensure that farmers receive fair payment for the crops they grow and harvest. To guarantee truly exemplary cup quality, they rigorously taste all of their coffees before deciding whether or not to buy them, and again before they ship (whenever possible). They roast the beans in small batches in their Loring Kestrel bag roaster — the most advanced small-scale commercial roaster available — to “dial in” the perfect roast and most ideal cup profile.

Brooklyn Roasting Company knows that what they package for sale is delicious because they’ve built a quality control system. They’re also pretty serious about “green thinking” — recycled materials and refurbished equipment use, and clean-powered distribution (bicycle and bio-diesel van). They’re not really coffee snobs, they’re just very dedicated coffee lovers that only settle for the best. (from Brooklyn Roasting Company)


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Probably The Best Coffee Shops in New YorkIf you are looking for the ultimate hipster cafe you need to head to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. As we were experiencing some very hot days during our time in NYC we opted to try heir nitrous cold brew and it was incredible. It gave the coffee a creamy, smooth texture – delicious.


Hole In The Wall

Probably The Best Coffee Shops in New York

Here at Hole in the Wall Coffee NYC we love three things… The description ‘salt and pepper’ when talking about others transitioning to grey hair, finding a cheeky $20 note in a pair of old jeans and borrowing a mates computer to find his Facebook account is still logged in. Aside from the former, we also happen to be crazy about COFFEE! 

So who are we? What’s the deal? At Hole in the Wall Coffee NYC we are a team, originally from Australia, who love all things coffee related. So much so, that we want to share what we know best with the people of New York City. Sourcing beans from several locations around the world, Hole in the Wall has partnered with roasting kings NOVO Coffee, out of Denver, ensuring that your coffee drinking experience is fresh, fantastic and unforgettable. 

Our first store is open in midtown at 420 Fifth Avenue and we plan to expand throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2014. So come and say hello. After all, a city that never sleeps could use a REAL cup of coffee! 


Hungry Ghost

Probably The Best Coffee Shops in New York

Coffee isn’t just a job for our staff, it’s their passion. Our team members are constantly trying to top each other when it comes to things like pour overs and latte art. Our baristas are over caffeinated.  No, really… they are.

Many cafes can master the art of steaming milk.  Once you drop a ristretto (1.5oz of espresso) in a latte, many of the nuances of the espresso blend are masked behind all that creamy goodness, and it’s probably going to taste good.  But how many times can you walk into a cafe and with confidence order an espresso and expect a perfectly balanced extraction?  In our opinion, not very often. Pulling the perfect shot of espresso is a surprisingly difficult task.  There are so many factors that affect the way the espresso tastes.  From the roasting, to the grind setting, boiler temperate, tamp style, even the humidity and temperature of the air inside the cafe affects the way espresso falls into your cup.  Here at Hungry Ghost, our baristas are trained to know all these elements and how to channel them into the perfect shot. We work exclusively with Stumptown’s Hairbender espresso blend, and have become so familiar with it’s nuances and are constantly seeking to bring out the best in it. We call it “dialing in.”

On a typical morning, a barista may sample 5 to 10 double ristrettos while constantly making adjustments to the grind and dose in order to achieve this. The only way to really achieve this however, is to love what you do. We seek out barista’s who share our passion for coffee and are not afraid to chase the perfect shot and coincidentally become very over caffeinated. Next time you stop in, be sure to strike up a conversation about espresso with any of our baristas and watch their eyes glow.

While coffee remains the focus for the cafe, our beverage menu has expanded to include a wide variety of specialty teas, handmade Italian sodas and even Kombucha on tap. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, we want to make sure that the Hungry Ghost got you covered.


Probably The Best Coffee Shops in New York

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