She's Never Going To Playhouse Nightclub Again

I wanted to like this club so bad but by the time we arrived inside I was pissed. I go to Las Vegas all the damn time and I have NEVER experienced this in my life. We waited 2 damn hours to get inside. My friends really wanted to see it (heard the hype, wanted to go) so that’s the only reason why I stayed, for them.

We arrived at about 11ish. We’re in line for the first 30 when the “security” approached my friends and I about a $20 “line jump” to get in (plus an additional $25 at the door) but we declined assuming the line will start moving. This line didn’t move an inch. I’m seeing all these security guards making bank on all these people with this “line hook up.”

One group in front was told that it was the dj’s birthday, and they weren’t letting people in. Another group was told the men can’t get in with their jeans (every damn dude was wearing jeans). Another group was told only people buying VIP tables could get in. So the lie they were going around telling people weren’t even consistent.

Finally after 1am they let us in. 

My friend inquired about all the bullshit and security dude goes “sorry ladies, you have to know a bouncer to get the hook up. Why don’t you take my number for next time?” Boy, bye. This is a first and last time experience.

Not once did the MC mention about a “dj’s birthday” and so many damn people were in the damn VIP section it was hard to tell who was even all together/which table was theirs. So all those people were clearly suckered and smushed together smfh

Never again.

Playhouse Nightclub
6506 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Written by Johniece W.

She’s Never Going to Playhouse Nightclub Again!

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