SLS Las Vegas Is Perfect To Be Lowkey

What does SLS really stand for? All I know is that SLS is a Fabulous newer hotel on the strip (used to be the old Sahara). As soon as you enter the casino and building the first thing that I noticed was the smell! It definitely smelled good, no smoke, the ventilation was awesome! The SLS Las Vegas is perfect to be lowkey on your trip.

Very friendly! One lady that helped me, I swear we couldn’t stop talking, told her I was from Hawaii and that was it! Lol she wished me all the luck on gambling and also set me up with my CODE card. The staff at the blackjack tables were also very friendly, always rooted for the player which was nice for a change lol. Some casinos don’t. They were also friendly since we were asking questions about their job and what not. Someday I would love to work in a casino lol. Check in and Concierge was nice! My cousins friend works there and he and his manager were very generous to them it was great!

Wheel of fortune you give me fortune! Lol my cousins love that machine and so do I! We won multiple times! My second favorite was the Megabucks with 3 games. Man Vegas you know how to take my money lol. Monopoly was also another of my favorites. Machines stop taking our money! Now blackjack! Buy ins were min $10.00 sometimes in our favor but 2 out of 5 nights that we were in Vegas these blackjack tables were totally not for us LOL! Oh well win some lose some.
Cocktail service was great, remember to tip your gal a couple of bucks and she will constantly check on you and re fill your drink.

As soon as I got into my cousins room my jaw dropped lol. Gorgeous! Elevators do need a room key to get to the floor just FYI. Anyway more about the room. Literally two huge sectional couches in the rooms, two 50 inch tvs! DANG GURL! Dining room table in one room, and the king bed in the other obvi. The toiletries were like super sized lol. All in all beautiful view, and still the hotel smelled amazing no smoke smell on the floors above!

Two places to valet, one in the front and one in the back. I find that the valet in front is not at all crowded. Most of the time the back does get crowded. Anywho nice valet people as well! Good service! And fast!

I will definitely come to stay at the SLS beautiful hotel great staff, awesome location.


SLS Hotel
2535 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Written by Crista P.


SLS Las Vegas Is Perfect To Be Lowkey

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