STK Downtown is more about being seen than having a good steak

I’ve been to the STK in Vegas and wasn’t all that impressed. Needless to say, my experience was exactly the same in New York. I had a reservation for a group of people and the whole group wasn’t there for our reservation time, so we lost our table. I kept begging the hostess to please just seat the people in the group that were there so that we could at least still have dinner, and we had to end up waiting two hours before being seated. It’s not fully the fault of the restaurant, so I didn’t include that situation as part of my review, but I didn’t appreciate the snobby attitudes of the hostesses behind the front counter.

Once we were finally seated after having a few drinks at the bar, we realized it was going to be really hard to hear each other across the table. This place is really hip, with a fun and trendy atmosphere. It’s definitely the type of place to get dressed up with friends to have a good night. The music was awesome, it was just a bit too loud.

Our waitress was really slow, stretching out our dinner another two hours, which could have gone a lot quicker had she been more attentive. We started off with a few cocktails and the complimentary monkey bread that was really good! Next up, I ordered the Filet Medallion with King Crab on top. The filet was so boring. There was no char on the steak and it was completely lifeless. The crab was overlooked and tasteless.

For sides, we ordered the Mac and Cheese and Brussels Sprouts. The Mac and Cheese was a 2 out of 5. I can make creamier Mac at home and be more pleased. The Brussels were really good; the red peppers brought a nice touch to the side dish. For dessert, we ordered the Warm Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream and the cookie must have been from yesterday’s batch because it was hard and barely lukewarm. There also wasn’t enough ice cream for the big cookie. It was a horrible dessert.

Overall, this is one of my bottom tier steak restaurants. This place is not about a good steak dinner, it’s all about the fun atmosphere and being seen. Bottom line!

STK Downtown
26 Little W 12th St
New York, NY 10014
b/t Washington St & 9th Ave
Meatpacking District, West Village

Written by Lily M

STK Downtown is more about being seen than having a good steak

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