Try Prime 112 If You Have A Fat Wallet

This is one of the most famous restaurants in all of Miami. Whether your a local or tourists this is a must place to go to! Located on prime south beach it’s in a perfect location and easy to get too. Great for birthdays, family outings, date night or if you feel like indulging in some great food!

Make reservations because this place gets picked. Even with a ressie you may end up waiting, but don’t fear because there is major people watching. You are sure to find a Miami local star, athletes, or just great dressed people. Get a drink at the bar and have the free bacon they give you while you’re waiting!

Everything about this restaurant makes me smile. Humongous portions and beautifully decorated restaurant. The free bread they serve is you is good enough to stuff your face with!

Keep in mind this place is expensive, but the apps, entrees, and sides you can share with minimum three people. My recommendations are the following: crab cake appetizer and ceviche if they have it as the special. Also, depending on season you can get fanny may oysters and stone crab legs!

Entree wise you can’t go wrong with any of the steaks. We have ordered the porter house and filet mignon. If you don’t eat meat, get the chills an sea bass. It’s huge, you can share with two people and it’s absolutely delish! Side was everything I’ve had has been delicious. Sweet potatoe fries, lobster Mac and cheese is to die for! The rum baked plantains are a must have. Best plantains I’ve ever had.

If you can make it to the desert round definitely get their fried Oreos. I have also seen beautiful big pieces of cake from other tables. Enjoy and indulge! Don’t wear tight pants because you’ll leave extra full!

112 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33119
(305) 532-8112

Written by Krizia C.

Try Prime 112 If You Have A Fat Wallet

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