Seriously, what happened to the good hip hop parties in Miami? Where did they all go? 4 or 5 years ago you had so many different options of where to go. Literally, people used to club hop everyday of the week, there was always nightly competition. Now it seems Miami is stuck with going to events hosted by Fabolous, Meek Mill, Red Cafe or Ace Hood. What the fuck. It’s cool, we get it, the promoters have to book a host. But, is that really what drives the consumer in this marketplace? Is that all they care about? B-List celebrities?

What Happened to the Good Hip-Hop Parties in Miami?

For the artist it’s perfect, drop a song here and there to stay relevant and continue to get paid thousands of dollars for club appearances. Can’t really blame them, it’s like the girl that drops half naked pictures on Instagram everyday, the results are instant. But as far as creating a memorial experience, this is definitely not the wave. As a promoter or club owner, this is not anywhere near “building a brand.” This is more like selling genetically modified foods to turn a profit.

What Happened to the Good Hip-Hop Parties in Miami?

Miami’s Hip-Hop party scene is in desperate need of some innovation. Something new, something fresh, a different take on things. Look at the landscape of the rap music industry, the sounds have all evolved. It’s time for the parties to follow. That’s all from our side of the bridge.

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What Happened to the Good Hip Hop Parties in Miami?

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