What Mike Gardner Thinks About The Current State of Miami Nightlife

Mike Gardner is the Founder and President of Headliner Market Group, one of the premier Urban Nightlife promoters in the country. Headliner Market Group is best known for the infamous LIV on Sunday’s parties at LIV Nightclub and Thursdays at STORY Nightclub. He took a moment to answer some questions on the current state of Miami nightlife.

How would you describe the current state of Miami Nightlife?

It’s not in a good space right now, comparing it to the past. It’s pretty repetitive right now and that’s because there are not a lot of options to force promoters and owners to be creative and push the envelope to give variety and diversity.

Is there one venue you wish was still around?

For me, the one and only venue I wish was still around would be Karu&y in downtown Miami.

Do you feel that lack of competition has slowed down innovation?

Yes. As I stated above, there is no creativity now. And the lack of commitment and “hard work” is definitely non existent. I would blame that on social media. Social media helps and hurts at the same time.

What is one thing you think would improve Miami Nightlife?

If the people had an open mind about trying new things (i.e. venues, music, places to party, not just comfortable staying in one place) this would open up endless possibilities in improving the nightlife in Miami.

Has Wynwood changed anything about your approach?

No. Because I have never been concentrated in one area to do events and parties.

What makes your events so consistently successful?

The support of the people is the real reason, but I think the people also know to expect a certain experience at a Headliner event.

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What Mike Gardner Thinks About The Current State of Miami Nightlife

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