XS Las Vegas Is Expensive But Totally Worth It

XS Las Vegas is definitely near the top of my list for clubbing in Vegas.  The layout of the club allows for an amazing dayclub and nightclub experience.  The DJ booth is centered between both venues and you can hear the music from just about anywhere without it being too overwhelming.

The ambiance is definitely classy and upscale without being too over the top.  You have your fair share of risqué outfits and more conservative clubbing attire. The staff does a good job of keeping travel lanes clear and open as well as policing up any riff-raff.

Seating is limited, like most clubs are, and table/bottle service can be pricey.  If you’re able to find a good host, they can typically work with you to find a reasonable deal.  Just take into account lead time and if there are special events happening that night to avoid any sticker shock. We decided to ditch Drai’s club when the potential host quoted an out the door price of $5200 for 25 people at the “hottest club in world”. No brainer. NEXT!

As expected, the club was packed on a Saturday night and the dance floor was even more packed. For those not wanting to brave the crowded dance floor, there was enough “dance space” outside.

I was there with a group of about 20 folks and we were able to find a space on the main dance floor. Eventually our spacing grew less and less, but we did manage to avoid being smashed like sardines.

Cost to get in may seem high but there are other places charging more and compared to others, the price was reasonable for the atmosphere. My friends had a blast at XS for their high school reunion and memories they will take with them that will last a lifetime!

XS Nightclub
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Written by Jean C.

XS Las Vegas Is Expensive But Totally Worth It

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