Yes Julz 1 AM Vibes New York

Yes Julz 1AM Vibes New York was bigger than a party. It was bigger than a rager. IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE.

Within an hour, the party was in full effect. Yes Julz directed all vibes upon arrival and the freezing NY weather didn’t stop anyone from turning up. Between the crowd-surfing, twerking and everything in between, us New Yorkers showed these Miami women how we, too, can direct the vibes.

Julz’s protégé and rising star, Shake and her crew, had no problem keeping the party going on the dance floor. Their energy was so dynamic that it fueled the crowd. When Yes Julz mentioned that she had tons of surprise guests, rumors ensued as to who would come through. Overall, Yes Julz definitely didn’t disappoint. Austin Millz, Justine Skye, Ravie B, Ian Connor and Joey BadA$$ came through, showed love and kept the function going. The venue had a few sound issues, which did impact Shake’s performance, but she pushed through and proved why all eyes should be on her. This was definitely the highlight of the night.

Both DJs blasted both old and new jams and never let the party die out. When Yes Julz noticed that the lounge area wasn’t as lit as the floor, she brought the party to them. Frankie of the Shorty Awards caught it all on the Agency’s Snap and we proved that NYC really is the city that never sleeps because the party didn’t have a definitive ending.

For those of you attending any future #1AMVibes, read our survival guide because it’s not like another function you’ve ever been to. Be prepared to dance with strangers, take selfies with your favorite director of vibes, listen to great music, get frisky, potentially run into your favorite celebs and experience something different than your average club party.


Yes Julz and her agency won over NYC and we’re all waiting for them to do it all again soon.

Written by Mya Abraham

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Yes Julz 1 AM Vibes New York (Video)

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