Daniel Soloman has a unique approach to Miami Nightlife

E11EVEN Miami Operating Partner Daniel Solomon took the time to give us his take on the current state of Miami Nightlife. E11EVEN Miami is one of the few “new” venues in Miami to be successful and became an instant staple on the scene. Miami is one of the most competitive nightlife markets in the world, and E11EVEN Miami has been able to carve out it’s own niche and stay ahead of the curve. E11EVEN Miami is the winner of the prestigious “Best New Concept” award, as well as making the “Top10 Clubs” by Nightclub & Bar, and the “Top100 Clubs” by DJ Magazine, stabilizing its presence as one of the most sought after venue for both public and private events alike.

How would you describe the current state of Miami Nightlife?

The industry is always evolving. The millennial demographic that is showing up to the venues are becoming more experience driven. The venues are learning to adapt and grow to the needs of the guests expectations. Miami, as well as other key markets, are in a transitional period that is seeking what’s the next trend/successful model. Miami has a ton to offer and there are many amazing venue is town that are doing incredibly well. Unfortunately, we have seen some venues close over the last several months but that comes with the business.

Has social media made it easier to promote your events?

Social media has completely changed the way we promote and market events. Only a few years ago we would create an event, print thousands of flyers and hire a street team to walk every square inch of strategic areas to spread the word. It would take weeks of promotion to have a truly successful event. With the digital age, we now can populate a flyer, post it via social media avenues, and “boost” it. That gives us the ability to market an event with only a few days notice and have great results.

Your venue is very unique, do you think that played a major part in it’s popularity?

We represent the demands of nightlife at the moment. People in this day and age expect more than a “typical” lounge or club approach to entertainment. Capturing the imagination of your audience today is much harder than it used to be although very specific concepts like a nightclub work and work well, there is a finite audience for something. As Vegas evolved it began to understand the power and influence their nightclub operations had on overall audience appeal of the property itself as well as the gaming. Simply being a gaming facility didn’t work, so ushered in the era of the celebrity chefs and million dollar DJ’s. We are reacting to the demands of the audience with a concept that my partner Dennis DeGori anticipated for decades.

What is one thing you think would improve Miami Nightlife?

A live music scene. Fort Lauderdale has some good shows here and there but it’s either a big show (American Airlines Arena/BB&T Arena) or few and far between.

Has Wynwood changed anything about your approach?

Wynwood is a great compliment to what we offer. Its proximity, its culture and its liveness all share a unique element. Wynwood presents a different outlook to the traditional nightlife. Its walkability, food trucks, local bars/restaurants, and its art flare. It’s a great place for locals and visitors to go and after the nightlife winds down at night, E11EVEN is a great place to stop by for a nightcap.

What makes your events so consistently successful?

We attempt to be organic and different with the programming. E11EVEN Miami is the city’s only 24/7 Ultraclub seamlessly combining the sexiness of a show club and nightclub with the interworking’s of cirque-style ‘Theatr11cs’, along with state-of-the-art nightclub sound, lighting and visuals. We program talent during peak/strategic weekends but we wanted to create something different; a unique concept that warrants table sales and upscale clubbing without the nights talent dictating our crowd.

Tell us the most difficult thing about putting together big events?

Figuring out what programming with complement our unique venue and still give ourselves the ability to be profitable. After we figure out the direction, its putting everything together and making sure everyone on the team is on the same page. Communication is everything.

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Daniel Solomon has a unique approach to Miami Nightlife

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