Why Haven't You've Been To Little Sister?

Came here around 430 pm on a Wednesday afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner. Downtown traffic was pretty terrible but able to find a street parking spot less than a block away but for a whopping $4/hr. I later found out there are some nearby parking structures for a flat fee of $7 per hour that would have been a better choice.

The restaurant was completely empty when I walked in and I was seated immediately. The ambiance was very cute and laid back with pretty drawings on the walls. The menu is fairly extensive but I got some good suggestions from you. We decided to get the bo la lot, pho banh cuon and shaking beef. The pho banh cuon was my favorite! It was so fresh and flavorful with a spicy kick (especially if you ate one of the peppers on top!!). The bo la lot was also really tasty and was like a grape wrap with delicious flavored meat inside. Shaking beef was highly recommended and was tasty but nothing amazing. Wish I had tried something else on the menu. Finished off with the Vietnamese coffee flan. I really liked this dessert especially the sweet layer of coffee at the bottom. The portions were generous and the two of us left stuffed!

Overall a wonderful food experience and I definitely hope to be back to try more options on their menu. The restaurant was getting packed as we were leaving around 6 pm so I’d definitely make a reservation if you plan on going during conventional hours.

Little Sister Downtown LA
523 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Written by Haru Y.

Why Haven’t You’ve Been To Little Sister?

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