Most Popular Instagram Places in Miami

Miami is probably the most city with the most Instagram pictures. Between all the clubs, beaches, and endless weekends on rich people’s boats, Miami is the city to move to if you want to be famous for creative use of dope filters and hashtags. But beyond the super cool VIP lounge and the rail of a yacht with the skyline in the background, there are some pretty sick places in this city to post pictures of online. And after Thrillist crunched the data from Instagram itself, here are the top 20.

20. The Clevelander

If you want to post vacation pictures of frozen pink drinks with palm trees and blue sky, there is no better place to do it.


For people not quite cliché enough to Instagram from LIV.

18. SLS Hotel South Beach

Depending on the weekend, a lot of these might involve spraying Champagne. Or a Phantom. Or both.

17. W Hotel South Beach

When you’re spending $500 a night for a room, you’re damn right you’re telling the entire Internet about it.

16. Vizcaya

If you’d like to know what a wedding looks like in Miami…

15. Bayfront Park

Either the bayside view is among the best in the city, or people really like posting pictures of their two-for-ones at Chili’s.

14. Lincoln Road Mall

You already knew this since you haven’t been able to walk a clear path down Lincoln Rd since the advent of the camera phone.

13. The Mondrian

It’s one of the most beautiful bars in Miami with an almost-nightly postcard of a sunset.

12. LIV

Possibly the only club in the world with an entire song about Instagramming from inside. #LIV

10. Ultra

Three days a year and it still cracks the top 10. Having girls like this around probably doesn’t hurt.

9. Miami Design District

No Instagram “model’s” account is complete without a handful of shopping bags from somewhere in this neighborhood. Now who exactly paid for all that?

8. Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

World-class art museum that’s still only the second-most-Instagrammed art in the city.

7. Downtown Miami

Though you could make a case that half of these were incorrectly labeled pictures of Panama City, Panama.

6. Ocean Dr

Here’s a fun game: take a run down Ocean Dr on a Saturday, search #oceandrive when you get home, and see how many pictures you inadvertently photobombed.

5. Fontainebleau Hotel

The Foursquare feature was also how 97% of tourists learned how to spell “Fontainebleau.”

4. Marlins Park

Apparently every single person who went to Marlins Park this year was on Instagram.

3. Miami International Airport

Because at America’s third-most-delayed airport, you’ve got a lot of time to post pictures from Hudson News.

2. AmericanAirlines Arena

Who says Miami fans are fair-weather? We’ll selfie the shit out of ourselves with or WITHOUT LeBron.

1. Wynwood Walls

It’s satisfying that in a city full of people who use Instagram to become famous for nothing, the most popular pictures are still of interesting, thought-provoking art. Well, Miami, we’re making progress.

Most Popular Instagram Places in Miami

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