New Orleans: The DO's and DON'Ts to Bourbon Street

New Orleans: The DO's and DON'Ts to Bourbon Street

A guide to surviving New Orleans’ infamous party street.

DO: Have a drink, or two, or maybe three. The place is full of belligerently drunk people (and primarily tourists). Without alcohol you may feel like you need to walk around with hand sanitizer or bleach. But…

DON’T: Get smashed. I know, that’s what people “do” on Bourbon, but there’s plenty of incoherent folks on the sidewalk smothered in their own vomit. You don’t need, or shouldn’t want, to be one of them.

DO: Let loose some. If you’re a tourist, chances are you won’t be back, so take it for what it is and have fun.

DON’T: Let a stranger snag a photo of you, especially if you decide to show some cleavage. There’s a slew of underground sites dedicated to showing the world your God-given goods.

DO: Wear comfortable shows. Meaning…

DON’T: Wear heels, ladies! The roads and streets are very uneven, so people trip when fully sober. Add a few drinks and it spells disaster. It’s also a lengthy street, so you’ll be walking quite a bit. Spare your feet girls, people there don’t care much for fashionable statements.

DO: Ask the locals for advice on where to check out live music. But…

DON’T: Act arrogant. The people of New Orleans are especially friendly, don’t offend them.

DO: Be prepared for wafts of unappealing smells. But…

DON’T: Worry, the smells pass with the streets.

Written: L. Lozada


New Orleans: The DO’s and DON’Ts to Bourbon Street

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