It is a well known fact that club owners give their door staff guidelines in regards to letting people in. A nightclub has a reputation to uphold in which the type of clients it has will affect it’s ambiance. But what exactly are these guidelines and to what level are they enforced? Hmmmm. City Never Sleeps gets a few doormen to confess the secrets of the nightlife. For confidential reasons we can not disclose their names or workplace. We wouldn’t want them to get fired now, would we?

The doormen explained that although the guidelines may not be fair, they still have to abide by the rules in order to keep their job.

“Physical attributes play a major role in regards to entering a nightclub. For example, if an overweight female shows up in a tight mini dress and flats, there is a good chance she is not getting in. I usually make her wait in line or state an over priced entry, in which most of the time they just end up walking away.” – Miami Beach Doorman

“The owner is very strict on who they want inside their club. So if unattractive guests try to enter I simply just tell them they don’t fit the look.” – New York City Doorman

“Even though their name might be on the guest list, I lie and say sorry, it’s a private event, invite only.” – Las Vegas Doorman

“I try to spot the ‘unattractive ones’ and pull them out the line before they make it to the door. One way you can easily deny access is by saying they have a dress code violation.” – Los Angeles Doorman

As you can see, it is a harsh world in the nightlife industry. But in the end, it’s all about money and success. In order for a nightclub to survive and keep its exclusivity, the doormen have to be selective.

Written by Lynnette Marte

Nightclub Doorman Confesses Nightlife Secrets

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