New York’s Vashtie Kola is many things, but what sometimes flies under the radar is her party promoter skill set. The versatile creative has been hip on NY’s nightlife scene for years now, dating back to 2006 when she started a monthly ’90s party, dubbed “1992,” with one of her close friends. With that and thanks to the likes of notable celebrity appearances such as Ne-Yo, Kid Cudi, Redman, Patrick Ewing, and more, the soiree even spread down to Miami and as far as Paris and Amsterdam.

Building off of the hype and recognition from “1992,” legendary artist Q-Tip then tapped Va$htie to curate a weekly event at Manhattan’s illustrious Santos. Arguably even more successful than her first notable event endeavor, heavyweights from Jay-Z to Diddy to Mick Jagger graced the high-profile happenings.

Basically, whatever the creative medium, Vashtie has a knack for know-how. She isn’t referred to as the “Downtown Sweetheart” for nothing. People know her. She’s kind of a big deal.

Written By: J.Sawyer

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