Pulled Up To The Misfit in Santa Monica

This is my favorite restaurant in Santa Monica for a number of practical reasons. One, happy hour cocktails from open until 7 pm everyday. I can stop there. There’s other reasons though so I’ll continue. Two, I haven’t been to that many restaurants in Santa Monica. Done. I gave you my reasons and reason #1 has the heaviest weight.

There are times I wish I can be irresponsible and spend the whole day at Misfit pounding happy hour cocktail after cocktail, but then I’d be drunk. Worse, I’d be wasted. So I can’t do that. I have to look presentable to all the tourists near Santa Monica Pier so I don’t embarrass Americans, we the people, in our own country.

The decor for Misfit is elegant that reminds you of a dimly lit library stacked with bookshelves merged with the feeling of the Roaring Twenties and art deco style. All of this comes complete with heavy drapes and old-school floor tiles. Makes me want to drink another cocktail then another then another until I have to check the time. Misfit is one of the few places where everything from the food, drinks, and decor come together beautifully. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people do as well. Expect a long wait if you’re coming for dinner.

I’ve raved about this place to a bunch of people when they ask about a cool place to eat & drink at in Santa Monica. I thought I’d never be out of the honeymoon phase. Finally, I got out of it. After trying the Misfit burger again along with the steak tartar and some fries, I realized they’re good, but not great. Their steak tartare was the least favorite I’ve had in my life out of the tartares I’ve tried. I didn’t like the chunky pieces of onion, pickle, and whatever else they put in it. I prefer a classic tartare that’s straight beef, salt & pepper, and minced herbs. Food was still good though. I washed down my disappointment with another cocktail. This time, the stronger Thunderbird put me at ease. One of the best feelings is being several cocktails deep and exiting the restaurant into the streaming ocean breeze.

Written by Chris B

The Misfit

225 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Pulled Up To The Misfit in Santa Monica

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