Angelina Petraglia or better known as Angelina 305 has taken over the nightlife scene in Miami from hosting events, coordinating fashion shows, hiring talent and much more. Her marketing team, A Dream Group, is capable of providing an exclusive experience to any event. City Never Sleeps had the chance to interview this business woman as she shares what life is like working with some of the most prestigious nightclubs on South Beach.

CNS: How long have you been in the nightlife industry?  
Angelina: I’ve been in the industry for 17 years.

CNS: Describe a typical work day as a business women in the nightlife industry? 
Angelina: I spend several hours of my day just answering usually 80+ text messages, 7 different email addresses, my social media accounts and taking calls. Corresponding with my 2 amazing assistants. Meetings with new models or clients. There are actually not enough hours in the day.

CNS: Do you feel that your job is one of the most important aspects of a nightclub?
Angelina: Absolutely! We provide a service and experience to the venues, promoters, and the guests. The club is pretty boring with out beautiful fun women 😉

CNS: Working in the entertainment industry, how do you separate business from fun? 
Angelina: I’ve been in this industry so long, that I have to have fun for me to continue to do this. I’m a happy fun person in my personal life, so of course it will show when we are doing an event in the club. But no matter what, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS!!!

CNS: What are some of the perks of working the nightlife? 
Angelina: I can go to all the HOTTEST parties happening anywhere, take out all my girls to have a good time, meeting amazing influential people and celebrities.

CNS: In your opinion, what is the appropriate VIP table etiquette your guests should follow?
Angelina: I was a cocktail server for a majority of my adulthood, and the number one etiquette, is TIP YOUR SERVERS AND BARTENDERS!! Also, arrive on time to avoid complications when you’ve booked a table, ladies LEAVE YOUR MEN at home for girls night, make sure to BRING YOUR IDS, and treat the staff and guests around you how you would like to get treated. Dance and have a good time, staying on your phone all night is WACK and the “stuck up face” is played out. Have a good time, that’s why you’re going out… Oh and LADIES KEEP YOUR SHOES ON PLEASE!!!

CNS: How do you handle a situation when your guests bring along a friend that doesn’t necessarily fit the “look” of the party? 
Angelina: Well, it happens! And, I have just learned to just make the best out of any situation. I make sure we have so much fun and all the rest of the beauties shut the club down, so that no one really even notices the “sore sight.”

CNS: What is your most memorable experience while working in the nightlife industry?
Angelina: Meeting and hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and a few other A list celebrities, they are actually more humble then a lot of these “new” acts now.

Interviewed by Lynnette Marte

Angelina Petraglia talks about being in the industry for 17 years

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