Q&A: Tyler Sherritt

Q&A: Tyler Sherritt

As a Singer, Songwriter, DJ and Producer Tyler Sherritt is one of the hottest and upcoming stars in the EDM industry. Having the natural ability to combine original vocals to tracks is what sets Sherritt’s unique style and sound apart from other DJs. Although being a musician is Tyler’s main focus, he has other business ventures and goals he would like to tackle during his lifetime.

Check out the full interview below as Tyler discusses with CNS about how he took his music career to the next level!

CNS: How and when did you get involved in DJing?

Tyler: I’ve always been a musician since the time I was a little kid, I used to annoy my family by constantly singing in the car as a child. Growing up in Alaska and overseas kind of brought a different lifestyle, and I seemed to gravitate towards everything music. I moved to LA when I was 17 to pursue music, and one thing led to another that made me dive into the world of electronic dance music.

CNS: When was your first club experience?
Tyler: When I was 17, I went on tour with Shwayze, Tyga and Laze and Royal across the US and after many of the shows we went to clubs for an “after party” – I was under age at every one of them. It was fun, and I learned how to handle myself in the nightlife scene rather than make a fool out of myself by drinking too much, etc.

CNS: What is your most memorable moment as a DJ?
Tyler: My most memorable moment DJing was probably playing Electronic Daisy Carnival New York or bringing in the New Year playing with Armin van Buuren at Pier 36.

CNS: What is your opinion when the manager and/or guests are always requesting for something different?
Tyler: My management and I are a team, I think we work really well together and make decisions together. I am really focused on my goals and the direction of my music – along the way I have had to tell people no and focus on what I think is the right move for me and after a bunch of ups and downs it’s all starting to take shape.

CNS: What would you say are the essentials to being a good DJ?

Tyler: Well I don’t just DJ I think being a good DJ has to do with reading a crowd and knowing what and when to play certain tracks. It also has to do with how well you know your equipment. However on top of all of those factors I spend most of my time writing songs and producing music which is the essential factor to being a performing “DJ”, unless your goal is to just be a club DJ.

CNS: How do you differentiate yourself from others?

Tyler: I think what differentiates myself from others is my ability to sing and lay down vocals on my own production; I also sing live while playing at venues that are set up for that kind of thing. It brings the show up to a much higher performance level and sets my show apart from others. Also I don’t just play the hits one after the other, or what the annoying drunk girl wants to hear haha.

CNS: What are your thoughts on those who say DJing is just a hobby and not a real career?

Tyler: I’d say they don’t know what they are talking about. There is a difference between just DJing and what I do. There’s touring, studio, writing sessions, contracting, performing for thousands of people, copious amounts of meetings, breaking into new markets, sponsorship, promotion, LLC’s, public relations, social media – it’s owning and running a small business with all of the same qualifications.

The DJ you see at your local bar once or twice a week might have a harder time trying to make that a legitimate career, but the DJ/Producer is a whole other game in itself.

CNS: Who are some people that influenced you?

Tyler: I draw influence from many people through out my life. My father being one of them, the selflessness, determination and efficiency he has shown me through out my life is something I will always cherish. When it comes to musicians Matthey Bellamy (Muse), John Mayer, Ben Howard, Tiesto, Eric Prydz, James Blake and the list goes on and on.

I am influenced in the way I write my lyrics – to the way I structure chords and melody – to the intensity of my music – to the decisions I make in my life, and to the goals my team and I set for ourselves.

CNS: How has working the nightclubs affected your personal life?
Tyler: Working in nightclubs has affected my personal life in expanding my network, and only helped me progress. I definitely don’t just consider myself a club DJ, I of course love playing at many clubs, but my shows are more of a performance. I enjoy playing shows rather then just “clubs”. I also still do acoustic shows where I sing and play guitar and piano for charity a couple of times a year – performing and nightlife will always be a part of my life, so if anything it has affected my personal life in a positive way and I look forward for what is still to come!

Interviewed by Lynnette Marte

Q&A: Tyler Sherritt

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