Ladies, have you ever wondered what your boyfriend or fiancé is really doing when he goes out with the fellas to some of Miami’s hottest nightclubs? Well we had a chance to go one on one with Kim Martin who has been a VIP waitress for LIV Nightclub and Story Nightclub. She shared with us some of the craziest stories with drunk bachelor groups along with what the perks of working in the nightlife industry are. Kim has been fortunate enough to land roles on E!’s ‘Perfect Catch’ & MTV’s ‘That’s Amore!’ Check out the full interview below:

CNS: How long have you been in the nightlife industry? What brought you to it?
Kim: I’ve been in the industry for about seven years now. I was living in Las Vegas and I just broke up with my boyfriend of four years. So what does every girl want to do when she’s 21 and newly single? You guessed it; party. I started working for The Light Group and then at The Palms working at The Playboy Club, Moon, and Rain. I got paid to party… It was a great way to take my mind off of my ex! Now, I’m fortunate enough to be working and LIVing in Miami working at Story Nightclub and previously working at LIV Nightclub, both operated by MMG.

CNS: What is your biggest pet peeve when dealing with promoter tables?
Kim: I have a lot of friends that are promoters, however, there are a few that boss you around, which I don’t take too well. We’re a team, we’re supposed to work together. I do have to say though, a majority of them are really good to me!

CNS: Describe your most memorable encounter with a drunk client.
Kim: I love drunk people… Especially bachelors… I wonder if their fiancé would be walking down the isle with them if they knew even half of what I witness? I’ve even had bachelors offering to break up with their fiancé to marry me…. Since that is exactly what I want in a guy! Haha!

CNS: Who or what would you say is the driving force of money in the nightclub? Why?
Kim: Energy and production. If people are entertained, having fun, and living the dream, they’re not going to want to slow down their party. This is one thing I learned living in Miami working at Story Nightclub and LIV Nightclub… If there is one thing I can tell you, Dave Grutman knows how to throw a f***ing party. Sorry for the language… Kind of.

CNS: How has the nightlife taken a toll on your personal life?
Kim: I have actually been able to LIVE!!! And enjoy every moment of it! I only work two to three nights a week (about 15-20 hours a week), make way too much money for partying, and I have met friends that I’ll hold onto for a lifetime. People automatically assume waitresses are dumb; I beg to differ. I’ve worked with an attorney at LIV, who’s a waitress, and I personally have a master’s degree and am applying to law school next fall. A majority of the girls have gone or currently go to school… I’m impressed by many of my coworkers.

CNS: What are some of the perks of working the nightlife?
Kim: Comp life! Haha! Anywhere we go, we’re taken care of and treated like royalty. I even had a comp trip with my girlfriends to the Bahamas staying in a suite at The Atlantis; thank you Angel Management Group… That was a trip of a lifetime!

I also landed a gig on MTV on a television series called “That’s Amore!” I was filming in Los Angeles, CA and also in Italy. A year and a half later, I was asked to film a show on E! Entertainment with Carmen Electra traveling on yachts and staying in villas all over the beautiful islands of Greece. I’ve been very fortunate.

CNS: What are your thoughts of women in the nightlife industry having a bad stereotype?
Kim: People are going to judge you no matter what…. So might as well give them something to talk about. Chances are, they’re jealous because I make at least twice as much as them working 1/4 of the time… So who’s laughing now? 🙂

Interviewed by Lynnette Marte

Q&A: VIP Waitress Kim Martin

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