Silent Addy is all about good vibes and authenticity

Adam “Silent Addy” Alexander isn’t a man of many words, but, he makes up for it in vibes. Addy has the ears South Florida’s young new wave Caribbean-American youth. He continues to pioneer fresh new event concepts all the while staying true to dancehall and reggae.

He always represent’s for the culture whether he’s on tour with Ape Drums, hosting Major Lazer, selecting at his successful monthly event “Miami Vice Episode”, the “Way-Up” party series in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Art District, or working with dancehall recording artist Chi Chi Ching. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about Miami Nightlife.

How would you describe the current state of Miami Nightlife?

Traveling all over the world and not only playing, but going out as a patron.. I think that Miami Nightlife is one of the best because their is something to do pretty much every night of the week and all different types of events.

Do you feel the big “VIP” bottle service clubs still have a place?

Yeah.. for tourists.. not for me.

Can you describe the events you put together?

I try to keep everything I do authentic to what I represent.. and that’s dancehall/reggae and just good vibes in general.

How are they different from most?

I’ve been to a lot of events where people just stand around and socialize. I think my events people are too busy dancing and having fun.

What makes an event successful?

You just have to have the right formula.. for example: having the right DJs & the right people involved.

As a DJ, how do you know what to play?

Honestly I just play the music that I enjoy.. and most of the time it works.

Who’s your favorite artist right now?


How do you feel about Drake and the huge caribbean influence in his music?

I think it’s cool.. He does it right. It’s better him than someone that’s wack and does it wrong.

What’s one song you play that you know always gets a reaction?

It depends on where I am.. but if it’s one of my dancehall events.. Popcaan – WAYUP/Xklusive – Scamma/Alkaline – 12PM

Is there a particular venue you’d like to DJ at?

Not really, but a goal would be to play dancehall on a huge festival stage like Coachella or Ultra Music Festival.

What is one thing you think would improve Miami Nightlife?

More venues with boomin’ sound systems.

Is there a venue you wish was still around?

Definitely Grand Central


Follow @SilentAddy on Instagram. Photography by Darryl Omar.

Silent Addy is all about good vibes and authenticity

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