super bowl Miami parties

10 years ago the Super Bowl hit South Beach and changed the landscape of the beach party seen for good. What we can say is that we are really excited for what Super Bowl Parties in Miami will look like this year. There’s nothing better than falling into some random corporate open bar party during Super Bowl in any city but in Miami!? It’s different!

super bowl parties in Miami

If we are picking sides, we think that Dave Grutman and Michael Gardner are going to be up to something really special for the city of Miami. The Super Bowl LIV, is no pun. It’s lined up like this for a reason. If we remember correctly, Dave Grutman actually made his big splash away from The Opium Group last time the big game was in the city.

The legend of The 400 Club definitely took full advantage of throwing some of the best Miami Super Bowl parties the last time around. Would be crazy if they made a come back! It’s about time, J.Little and team really take time curating their events and it’s something the game desperately needs again. So hopefully he is reading this article, gets inspired, drops the ego and returns to the scene.

Have fun, don’t end up in random parties. Make sure you do some research about where you are spending your money. It can get really tricky during these big weekends and you don’t want to end up in some trash party just because some celebrities were on a flyer. It’s more about the venue and the promoter than the talent that is being booked, remember that and you’ll be in good shape. There are plenty of promoter groups in Miami Beach with long track records of dope events, stick with them and you’ll have an enjoyable time at some of these Super Bowl parties in Miami.

Super Bowl Parties in Miami will be insane!

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