The Big Woo by Ben Clemons

The Big Woo by Ben Clemons

Fresh off the Miami semi-finals leg of the Appleton Reserve Remixology Challenge, we bring you the city’s winning cocktail: The Big Woo. Ben Clemons of Nashville’s No. 308 (why he competed in Miami we do not know) was the mastermind behind this flamed concoction, made with cantaloupe juice, lime juice, and vanilla syrup.

The Remixology Challenge called contestants to create one-of-a-kind Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum cocktails inspired by a song. Clemons went with “Good Lovin'” by The Rascals. His reasoning: “”Big Woo” was the name of the Volcano in the HORRIBLE movie Joe Vs. The Volcano. The song “Good Lovin” was used in the movie when Tom Hanks is fishing from a raft. I like fishing. I like The Rascals. I like fire. I don’t like this movie. I do like you.”

Clemons, alongside semi-finalists from San Francisco, New York, and Boston will compete at NYC-based finals September 10. In the meantime, here is Clemons’award-winning  recipe for the Big Woo. Just please, don’t burn yourselves!

1 oz. Appleton Estate Reserve

1 oz. Appleton Light Rum

1 oz. cantaloupe juice

1/2 oz. vanilla syrup

1/2 oz. lime juice
*Top with Lemon Heart 151 Rum
Add all ingredients EXCEPT  the Appleton Estate Reserve and 151. Shake the ingredients and double strain into freshly iced glass. Add Appleton Estate Reserve. Garnish with a sugared lime wheel topped with 151 and set on fire!

Written by: L. Lozada

The Big Woo by Ben Clemons

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