The Entourage

Apparently, when a guy’s best friend is a celebrity, for some reason he thinks he should receive the same VIP treatment. Next time the waitress brings out the bottles with sparklers, pay attention to the actions of the people at that table. The one providing the credit card is usually on his phone trying to act casual while his boys are busy taking pictures of bottles they aren’t paying for. Those are the ones we call ‘the entourage’.

The VIP Host

This is usually the guy who floods your timeline with thousands of photos of ‘how crazy’ last night was. He is at a different nightclub each night surrounded by beautiful women and a plethora of bottles. In his eyes, he is a local celebrity that the girls love to be around since they think he is rich. In reality, he did not pay for the bottles provided and most likely has a bunch of roommates to help him pay off that sky rise condo, doesn’t own a car, or probably still lives with his parents. Don’t be fooled ladies! The good ones are usually the quiet ones who don’t flaunt their status.

The Club Promoter

You will most likely meet this one outside the nightclub before entering. He will be the one who promises you VIP entry just as long as you say his name at the door. His goal for the night is not necessarily to find a girl to take home, but to actually get as much as cash flow as possible. The more guests he brings in, the more money he makes. With that being said, once you pass the door, you are no longer on his mind.

The Thirsty One

Ladies please try to understand you are most likely not going to find your true love at a nightclub. The most common type of guy you will find in a club is ‘the thirsty one’. The one pulling your hand or grabbing your waist trying to get your attention to have a full blown conversation while the music is on blast, yea that’s the one. He will ask for your number multiple times as you continue to ignore him, until he finally gives up and then tries to hit on your friend.

Written by Lynnette Marte

Types of Guys You Will Meet in a Nightclub

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