I really love this place. I’m not sure if it’s the vibe, Wynwood, service, or the food, but putting all of those elements together, I know I’m going to go back.

Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill is adjacent to the heart of Wynwood Yard, and technically one in the same. It has a pop-up restaurant feel where most of the seating is outdoors, but they have a small enclosed (and air conditioned!) shipping container turned dining room. The menu has a lot of seafood options, but also makes sure to have the core meat courses for the carnivores out there. While there aren’t that many vegetarian entrees, there are a lot of sides that you can order that are veg friendly as a substitute.

The food tastes delicious. We ordered a meat plate and a cheese plate, which were amazing. My only wish is that they offered a board where you could mix and match between the two b/c selecting 3 meats was $15. If you wanted cheese to accompany that, you’re already at $30 for charcuterie alone. However, it is a lot of food and could easily be a meal substitute for two people. We also tried the scallops, and they’re cooked in a no-frills, mini cast iron skillet. They were a little underdone, but no complaints. Keep in mind that the entrees don’t come with any additional sides or veggies. For instance, the scallops were 5 pieces, but with nothing else with them.

Service was spot on, and the overall ambiance was fun, light, and casual. Perfect spot for a dinner with friends, family, or significant other.

Written by Sally

Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill
82 NW 29th St
Miami, FL 33127

The Vibe Is Right At Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill

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