Afters Ice Cream, a Californian dessert mainstay and pioneer of the Milky Bun. “Ice Cream is My Religion,” says the wall once you enter the humble shop — and that’s exactly what the spot has to offer, ice cream, and more ice cream. But Afters isn’t your typical scoop of vanilla. Founded by Andy Nguyen and Scott Nghiem, Afters specializes in the “Milky Bun,” a donut filled with your choice of ice cream and topping, which then goes through a secret heat press process that warms the bun while keeping the ice cream cold. This novelty menu item flipped the dessert game around, and is now often imitated but never duplicated. This is probably due to the shop’s line of in-house created flavors, such as Cookie Monster, Jasmine Milk Tea and Vietnamese Coffee. Make sure to drop by one of its locations if you’re in town.

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What Happens When You Stuff A Donut With Ice Cream? (Video)

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