So it’s a packed night at the club and you have been waiting a pretty long time for a drink at the bar. You already got eye contact with the bartender and right when you think its your turn to order, they take someone who came after you. Yea we know, this situation is common and frustrating. However, let’s stop and think for a moment… you must have said or done something that annoyed this bartender for them to ignore you.

City Never Sleeps has put a list together of sayings and gestures you should avoid saying or doing to a bartender. If you follow our guideline, you just might get your drink much faster and who knows you might end up getting a stronger drink as well.

1. Don’t snap or wave – You are not trying to hail down a taxi cab, so relax with the finger snaps.

2. Don’t ask for a hook up – If you want a stronger drink, ask for double and pay what it costs.

3. Don’t ask for a surprise drink – You better know what you are ordering before you try to get their attention, if not you are just wasting time and they will move on to the next customer. Furthermore, don’t run the risk of the bartender making a drink you aren’t a fan of in which you still have to pay for.

4. Don’t say you are a great tipper – If you are flaunting it, chances are you aren’t a good tipper. Prove it, don’t say it. Give the bartender a good tip the first round, then your second round of drinks might end up being stronger.

5. Don’t ask them to smile – Just because they aren’t walking around smiling does not necessarily mean they are in a bad mood. They are just busy and focused on preparing everyone’s drinks.

6. Don’t take up bar space – If you aren’t ordering drinks while you wait for your group of friends, don’t occupy the bar space.

7. Don’t ask them to take a picture for you – We know you want to post photos on Instagram, but don’t ask the bartender because they are way too busy to be your personal photographer.

Written by Lynnette Marte

What not to say to a Bartender

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